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1 フリーアイランド創造研究所 /  Free Island Art Laboratory   (フィアラボ / FIA-labo)

業務カテゴリー:絵画保存修復研究、美術関連教育(絵画教室等)・人材育成 (美術家、修復家)、美術品企画制作販売、貸画廊運営、その他アートマネジメント、アートコーディネート業務など美術関連事業全般。

2 GALLERY FIA (ギャラリーフィア)



Free Island Art Laboratory—What are our hopes?  What do we seek to achieve?
We aim to contribute to the realisation of a peaceful global society by exposing and sharing the potential which is hidden within art.
Free Island Art Laboratory / FIA-labo
Scope of business:  Conservation and restoration of paintings, art related education (painting classes), development of human resources (training of artists, restorers), the planning, production and sale of artworks, art gallery management, and the general management and coordination of art.
Scope of business:  Planning and the management of exhibitions of art and the sale of artworks of all kinds.